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Xirrus XR-4836 Series Access Point 802.11ac High Density (XR-4836-WAVE2) New

Xirrus XR-4836 Series Access Point 802.11ac High Density (XR-4836-WAVE2) New

Xirrus XR-4836 Series Access Point 802.11ac High Density (XR-4836-WAVE2) New

Title: Xirrus XR-4836 Series Access Point 802.11ac High Density (XR-4836-WAVE2) - New Fulfillment. The Xirrus XR-4000 Series Wireless Array is the first modular Wi-Fi product of its kind featuring upgradability, high scalability, high performance and integrated security to economically serve today's requirements without sacrificing for tomorrow's demand.

The XR-4000 Arrays deliver 4x the coverage, up to 8x the bandwidth and user density compared to legacy thin AP solutions. This equates to 75% less equipment, cable runs, and switch ports - resulting in a significant reduction in installation and ongoing management efforts compared to competitive solutions. The Xirrus XR-4000 Series 8-slot chassis is the industry's only multi-state radio platform supporting multiple configurations with post-installation upgrade options. The Xirrus XR-4000 Series combines unmatched flexibility in wireless standards with the ability to scale a network to meet increasing capacity demands without adding additional devices. Configurable with 4 or 8 multi-state radios (2.4GHz and 5GHz).

Supports up to 1920 users. Field upgradable to more radios or new technologies. NSP Architecture for Amazing Performance. The architecture of the Xirrus XR-4000 Series is based upon a Network Services Processor (NSP) that delivers uncompromised performance to all associated users. The design allows for hardware based encryption, compression, acceleration, as well as reliable quality of service with uptimes and availability optimized for 802.11n performance and scalability. The Xirrus XR-4000 radio upgradable wireless platform allows a network to scale by adding up to eight radios to each Array. The modular platform ensures support for new wireless technol-ogies and is the first 802.11ac/11ad-ready product available. The Xirrus XR-4000 Series Wireless Array allows a business to incrementally grow a network, expanding capacity to increase the number of supported devices available over time as the demands on the network grow. The modular architecture and multi-band radios protect the investment with the ability to adapt to future standards and capacity requirements. Both the Xirrus XR-4000 Series 8-slot chassis and larger capacity Xirrus XR-6000 Series 16-slot chassis disrupt the status quo with the ability to scale coverage, bandwidth and capacity without adding additional access points to the network to accommodate growth. With dual core to 6 core processors and 2-16 radio platforms, Xirrus High Density Access Points meet the unprecedented demands for high performance and high capacity Wi-Fi networks in today's connected environment.

Extend the Life of Your Wi-Fi Network. Xirrus High Density APs are built on a modular architecture that sustains multiple generations of technologies without a need to replace infrastructure and extends the life of your Wi-Fi network.

Every High Density Access Point with integrated controller and distributed intelligence, eliminates the need for a centralized controller and automatically adapts based to device capabilities for a superior user experience. Complete Application Visibility and Control in Every AP. Xirrus delivers holistic application visibility based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology and provides predictable application performance by controlling up to 1,300 applications at the network edge. Applications or groups of applications can be allowed, blocked or throttled and policies can be schedule by device or across the network at specified times of day or days of week. Xirrus optimizes the network performance with Auto RF configurations.

Xirrus High Density Access Points automatically choose the best available channel, band and power level without IT intervention. Xirrus High Density APs also customize user connectivity for the best performance based on each device capability. Xirrus High Density Access Points include Bonjour Director, which allows easy access for Apple devices to access Apple services from across the network, and Guest Access, which provides secure access to guests via self-provisioning with optional sponsor workflow or through a non-IT guest ambassador. Adapt to changes in business requirements with the ability to upgrade across Xirrus XR-4000 Arrays. Deliver a solution with a true 5 year life cycle that can incorporate new technologies as they come to market without starting over.

Maintain a high level of performance for mission-critical applications and support the ability to handle unpredictable user growth throughout your Wi-Fi network. Scale the number of users by adding radios and scale capacity by increasing the network traffic throughput without installing additional devices.

Eliminate potential gaps in security infrastructure with the Xirrus XR-4000 series integrated firewall, threat sensor and spectrum analyzer providing comprehensive security without the need for additional equipment. Deploy 75% less equipment than competitive solutions and reduce the effort to manage and maintain your Wi-Fi network. Realize savings with the Xirrus XR-4000 Series multi-radio design and directional antennas that minimizes the number of devices needed to be deployed resulting in savings in equipment, cables, switch ports, installation time, maintenance and power consumption. Purchasing this listing gives you 100% gray stock protection with peace of mind.

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  • Model: XR-4836
  • Type: Wireless Access Point
  • MPN: XR-4836-WAVE2
  • Brand: Xirrius

Xirrus XR-4836 Series Access Point 802.11ac High Density (XR-4836-WAVE2) New