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@ LOMO ANAMORPHIC 35 35mm T2.4 Lens with ARRI Arriflex PL Mount NAS / BAS @

@ LOMO ANAMORPHIC 35 35mm T2.4 Lens with ARRI Arriflex PL Mount NAS / BAS @

@ LOMO ANAMORPHIC 35 35mm T2.4 Lens with ARRI Arriflex PL Mount NAS / BAS @
LOMO ANAMORPHIC 35mm T2.4 Model: 35HAS10-3 with ARRI PL mount. This is FINAL price for this lens. It was reduced from 14879 USD to 9999 USD and it won't be lower. This lens was professionally re-build from two part NAS 35HAS10-3 model to'BAS like' one part model in one of the best services in Russia. They used newer and sharper Lomo 11-35-1 model sphercial block, that match perfectly with this 1966 Year! After conversion this lens can be used as single focus / one part'BAS like' model lens and does not need sny support. To have this lens in really excellent shape , it needs some service work. S econd anamorphic glass need to be polish and new coatings have to be done. It also needs good mechanical service.

In Optitek USA it will cost around 1.5K USD for ALL we've listed here. After those jobs this lens will be in PERFECT mechanical and optical condition, as it's front glass and spherical part are in great shape. There's NO deep scratches, deep'cleaning marks', cracks or any other serious damages on glasses; there's NO fungus, fog, separations, haze or any other serious damages inside optical construction; it has some MICRO'cleaning marks' on glasses MC's and inside optical construction, but nothing to worry about (they are FAINT ones, NOT deep ones); most'cleaning marks' are under front glass or on second glass from front, probably from not proper glass cleaning; it has some marks on second glass after fungus cleaning, so it has damaged coating and they are visible on the glass now.

It has few marks/spots on glasses MC's, but this is normal in 50 Years old lens; it has noticeable line mark inside optical construction, but it is nothing to worry about, as it won't be seen during filming for sure; in generall it is still in nice optical condition for such old lens; rear spherical part is in excellent condition, probably never used before; it has some MICRO pieces of dust inside optical construction, but not so much and there's nothing to worry about it; lens checked on lens projector and it gives proper flat image; it's not very sharp, but usually Lomo wide angle lenses are softer than other focal lenghts from the set; lens projector shows that it is average sharpness wide open, so it is more than good in this case. Focus ring works quite smooth as for Lomo Anamorphic lens, as most of those lenses are very stiff and need professional service before use; we've checked it with manual Chrosziel Follow Focus and it works fine; we think it is also good for electronic follow focus units; it has backlash / play on focus ring when You start focus from infinity; it can work a bit unregular in some places, but still works smooth as for 50 Years old lens; aperture ring works smooth; both rings sounds a bit gritty when they are in use, but it is nothing to worry about and it is not even mechanical issue; aperture stops up to f/16 without any problems; there's NO grease on aperture blades and blades looks very nice; Arri PL mount fits all cameras on the market. It has NORMAL signs of use on it's casing, as can be seen on REAL pictures under item description; most signs of use are on anamorphic attachment, which is over 50 Years old! , so this is quite normal; it has some scratches and some paint missings on it, nothing more than that. In generall there's NO serious dents, cracks or any other serious damages on it's body for sure, but it can have few really MICRO dents/cracks on it, as it is quite old lens part. Rear spherical part is brand new, maybe with just few LIGHT signs of use after assembling it in service. We think this lens is in EXCELLENT- (65% to 70%) overall condition, but this is just our opinion. Remember that all evaluations are always subjective. This lens probably needs some mechanical service , but don't forget it is over 50 Years old, so it won't look like new or work like new. Second glass would need polishing / re-coating to be as good as rest of the glasses in this lens. The most important is that. Chrosziel lens projector shows good flat image with it at the moment.

We do not check lenses with camera, but we always check them on collimator and lens projector. Our RATINGS in items description are.

MINT (100-95%) -> PERFECT (80-95%) -> EXCELLENT (60-80%) -> VERY GOOD (40-60%) -> GOOD (20-40%) -> POOR (5-20%). [EMS/UPS Curier; takes 3 to 7 w/days to deliver].

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  • Focal Length: 35mm
  • Maximum Aperture: f/2
  • Lens Brand: Lomo
  • Type: Anamorphic
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Focus Type: Manual
  • Brand: LOMO
  • Mount: Arri PL Mount

@ LOMO ANAMORPHIC 35 35mm T2.4 Lens with ARRI Arriflex PL Mount NAS / BAS @