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Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies

Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies
Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies
Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies
Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies
Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies
Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies
Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies
Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies
Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies
Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies

Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies
Active storage raid storage model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies, 3 power supplies and 2 controller SAS expansion cards. MRAID was specifically designed to meet the evolving challenges of modern broadcast and postproduction storage infrastructures. It represents years of engineering development with strong input from our extensive user base, which includes some of the largest and most recognized media production companies in the world. MRAID is more than a next-generation product, it's a technology platform showcasing the latest advancements in high-throughput, low-latency storage performance for real-world media applications. The mRAID employs a hardware and software architecture model designed specifically for expansion.

From the SMP-aware Linux-based RAID kernel to the highspeed PCIe expansion I/O ports, mRAID is ready to take on your growing storage performance and capacity challenges. Because mRAID is designed as an integral part of the mMedia Platform, it offers scalability in performance and capacity, while utilizing the single management interface that is shared between all mMedia Platform systems. MRAID is designed to withstand the grueling 24/7, 365 days a year deployments and severe duty cycles of media production and archive. Because mRAID is based on the same rock-solid RAID kernel and Linux OS that ActiveRAID uses, you can rely on it to perform flawlessly under the harshest conditions.

With thousands of ActiveRAIDs deployed in the largest and most punishing media production environments, Active Storage, Inc. Knows what it takes to meet deadlines and offer consistent results. Unmatched performance optimized for mSAN and Xsan®. Native Mac OS X management suite.

IOS/iPhoneT Active Viewer monitoring app. Enterprise performance and reliability without enterprise complexity. Ready to deploy right out of the box.

Active Storage Management Suite profiling and statistical monitoring tools. Our CrossFlow Cooling design ensures that every component in the system receives equal airflow and cooling to help eliminate hot spots and component failure. This includes proper cooling of the hard drives, RAID controllers, backup batteries and I/O systems. Our CrossFlow Cooling design is also highly efficient, not only using less power during normal conditions, but also providing ample cooling headroom when used in less than ideal conditions and under heavy loads. Environmental Processing EngineT mRAID's processing power is immense.

It can move huge amounts of content from the SAN to disk and back, leaving additional headroom for other functions such as optimizations, Active Storage's proprietary adaptive caching routines, background data scrubs, as well as error checking. The Environmental Processing Engine is a new feature of the mRAID-although the concept is well proven. This control center for the system environment is a dedicated, specialized processor that controls systems indicators, out-of-band communications with expansion systems, and UPS control. The system design of the mRAID is based on everything Active Storage has learned over years of building awardwinning storage systems and servers, and our latest mSAN appliance design. Quite simply - mRAID is designed to deliver the highest possible throughput and the lowest latency.

The overall design is a complete integration of hardware and software, leveraging the strengths of each in order to produce a cost-effective, highly-reliable platform. RAID kernel and open controller design provide an unmatched level of fine-grain tuning and minimum overhead. Designed specifically for modern OS systems.

Redundant pathing, multiple Fibre Channel ports and large caches guarantee maximum bandwidth. Controllers automatically balance load to provide highest throughput as user needs grow.

All components are redundant - controllers, drives, and power supplies. Failover and failback are truly seamless. Native support for Mac OS X multipathing. Complete support for all popular UPS systems.

SNMP and CLI support for enterprise environments. Automatic parity rebuild and data integrity check. Battery-backed cache - guaranteed 72-hour support. Management for Today and Tomorrow.

Apple-friendly native Mac OS X management suite. RAID Levels: JBOD, 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 51, 60. LUN Support: Auto-configuring for performance, up to 512 LUNS.

Drive Roaming: Full support between primary and secondary expansion systems. Redundant: True active/active operation with seamless failover and failback. Online data scrubbing with online parity regeneration. Bad array recognition and repair.

16 drive 6Gb SATA III per primary or expansion system. SMP-aware designed RAID controller, 4GB cache per controller mirrored across bidirectional paths. Primary System Features: Active/active quad channel 8Gb Fibre Channel to SAS RAID controllers, 8 x 8Gb/s ports, dual 6Gb SAS I/O, independent management/ enclosure monitoring. Full per port statistics package with graphs and charts. Controller CPU load (percentage of idle time free).

Cache hit ratio statistics per LUN (Volumes). Average throughput per LUN (Volumes). Average throughput per LUN (MB/s). Number of stripes remapped by the controller per disk. Out-of-the-box support on Mac OS X v10.5, v10.6. Guided setup assistance can be used to optimize configuration of a single system in a single location, or multiple systems in single or multiple locations. 128-bit SSL security on Active AdminT. Drag-and-drop configuration tool for sophisticated and complex environments. Proprietary performance profiling for determining future requirements. Front: Fibre Channel activity and link per controller. Drive activity and system status.

RAID controller, cooling modules, system temperature, and power supplies. Rear: All modules are field replaceable and have health and status indicators. Front view Rear view Configurations. Overall Capacity Hard Drive Modules Controller Type and Spec Power and Cooling Battery Back Up Rack Mounting Kit Suggested Retail? Usable capacity will vary depending on drive configuration and RAID level?

Please contact your reseller or Active Storage for more information for your region. MMedia is more than a collection of components, it's a complete media creation storage platform that stores and manages content from ingest to archive. The mMedia Platform is powerful yet simple. As a building block technology, the mMedia Platform provides all the components needed to build end-to-end workflows. And because the mRAID is the heart of the mMedia Platform, future applications can meet future needs.

The combination of mSAN, mRAID and mVault can meet any online media production challenge. Nothing can scale to more users, greater resolutions or higher throughputs, all with the lowest latency and easiest deployment and management, using all the production tools and asset management software you are using today.

The mMedia Platform can manage your content from ingest to petabytes of content archive. You will not only have disk performance from your archive, but at a much lower cost and much smaller footprint than typical primary storage. Active Storage is the innovative storage leader for media and creative professionals, broadcast, post-production, on-line and archive solutions. Delivering a best-of-breed user experience, with a combination of award-winning industrial design, unmatched speed, reliability and customer service, Active Storage is the first choice for complex professional storage deployments.

The Evolution of High Performance, High-Availability RAID Storage for Media Professionals. ActiveRAID is the evolution of high performance, high-availability RAID storage for media and creative professionals.

Designed for Enterprise class 24/7/365 day deployments and the severe-duty cycles of Broadcast and Post environments, ActiveRAID is highly optimized for Apple Xsan, Quantum StorNext and Mac OS X Server applications, delivering the highest throughput and reliability. ActiveRAID provides the highest level of reliability, scalability and ease of use in its class, along with the first native Mac OS X storage management suite.

ActiveRAID is quickly becoming the first choice for media optimized storage worldwide. Optimized Performance - Stellar Apple Xsan, Quantum StorNext® and Mac OS X Performance. High Availability Design - Active/active controllers, redundant cooling and power. 4 x 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel - Dual 4 Gb/s Fibre host ports per RAID controller.

Drive Technology -'Hot Swappable' Enterprise-Class SATA hard drive modules. Low Cost Expansion - 16 drive 4x SAS Smart expansion system. Native Mac OS X Management - Industry leading ease of deployment and management.

Modern System Design - Linux RAID Kernel, media-enhanced performance. A New Standard in Affordable High Performance RAID Storage for Apple Users. The ActiveRAID ES represents a new standard in affordable high performance RAID storage for creative professionals. Based on the original ActiveRAID, the ActiveRAID ES provides the same ease of deployment and management, but is better suited to non-enterprise 24/7/365 day small and medium business class deployments using Mac OS X Server. It is also ideal for Disk-to-disk back up and archive of critical data.

Optimized Performance - Superior Mac OS X Performance. Fault Tolerant Design - Redundant cooling, power, hard drives, Fibre Channel ports. SATA II Hard Drive Support - 7200 RPM 16MB cache high performance hard drives. This item is in the category "Computers/Tablets & Networking\Drives, Storage & Blank Media\Hard Drives (HDD, SSD & NAS)\Network Attached Storage".

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  • Brand: Active storage
  • Type: Network attached storage
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Color: Silver
  • Model: AC32SJB02
  • Number of Bays: 16
  • Product Line: Active storage

Active Storage MRaid SAN model AC32SJB02 no Hard Drives. Includes 16 caddies