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Qnap Tr-004 4 Bay Das(no Disk) Hardware Raid Expansion For Qnap Nas Win & Mac

Qnap Tr-004 4 Bay Das(no Disk) Hardware Raid Expansion For Qnap Nas Win & Mac

Qnap Tr-004 4 Bay Das(no Disk) Hardware Raid Expansion For Qnap Nas Win & Mac

The TR-004 USB 3.0 RAID expansion enclosure allows you to expand the capacity of your QNAP NAS and PC. The TR-004 can also be utilized as a DAS (Direct-attached Storage) device, allowing you to directly access its content just by connecting it via USB. The TR-004 features four 3.5-inch SATA drive bays with multiple RAID configuration options and USB 3.0 Type-C connectivity to bring you a highly reliable and secure storage capacity expansion solution.

USB 3.0 Type-C port for faster data transfer. Supports up to four SATA drives for reliable read and write performance. Disk mode DIP switch to change from Hardware Control and Software Control configurations for setting RAID group. Lockable hard drive trays to prevent accidental drive removal. Eject button for disconnecting the TR-004 from a NAS or computer. Requires the QNAP External RAID Manager utility.

Instantly back up files from the TR-004 to the NAS using the One Touch Copy button. Requires a QNAP NAS with a one touch copy button when in external drive mode.

This feature will be supported in 2019 Q2. Effective storage expansion with RAID Support.

The TR-004 is an ideal storage expansion solution for PCs, especially for laptops which lack the ability to install larger, higher-capacity drives. Featuring four 3.5-inch SATA drive bays and supporting RAID configuration, the TR-004 provides the ability to store a vast number of files and data and to ensure protection against potential drive failure. The TR-004 supports a variety of RAID configurations. Depending on your requirements, you can switch between hardware- or software-controlled RAID modes. Move the DIP switches to corresponding positions for your ideal RAID mode: Individual, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1/10 or RAID 5. You can also configure the RAID settings from your QNAP NAS, or by using the QNAP External RAID Manager utility on your computer. ยป Learn more: External RAID Manager. Treats every disk as separate storage space, allowing you to independently access each one. All the disks are recognized as a single drive. This allows maximal storage utilization but provides no data protection. Data is split amongst the drives. RAID 0 provides the fastest performance but does not protect data from drive failure.

Half of the total storage capacity is used to store data, and the other half keeps a copy of this data. This provides high data protection at the cost of only being able to use half the installed storage space. RAID 5 requires at least three drives to use and parity information is distributed among the drives, providing optimized storage capacity and protection against one disk failing. Use this mode to control the RAID configuration from your NAS or computer.

External storage for Windows/Mac computer. External storage for Linux computer. Required to switch to Software Ctrl mode. Linux computers can recognize existing partitions on multiple RAID configurations, but they cannot create new ones. Flexible storage configuration and management. Compared with other RAID enclosures, the TR-004 provides software-controlled configurations for greater management flexibility. Users can configure RAID and monitor disk health using Storage & Snapshots Manager on a QNAP NAS, or by using the QNAP External RAID Manager utility on their computer. Use Storage & Snapshots Manager to configure the TR-004 as a storage expansion unit for your QNAP NAS. In addition to RAID configuration, the NAS expansion storage mode supports various NAS functions, including storage pools and snapshots. By choosing external storage mode, you can use the TR-004 as a DAS. The QNAP External RAID Manager is a utility for Windows and Mac users to set up, monitor, and view the status of the TR-004. Users can easily configure RAID groups on the TR-004 and quickly obtain the status of RAID performance and health at a glance. Note: When connecting the TR-004 to a NAS, users can choose to use either the NAS expansion storage mode or the external storage mode. Versatile usage scenarios to meet storage expansion needs. The TR-004 meets many storage expansion requirements for home and work use, including.

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  • Model: TR-004
  • MPN: TR-004
  • SATA Form Factor: 3.5 in
  • Brand: QNAP

Qnap Tr-004 4 Bay Das(no Disk) Hardware Raid Expansion For Qnap Nas Win & Mac